Havertys suspends two of its Flexsteel, Kustom, Flexsteel and Traxxas vehicles, suspends the others

Haverty’s suspends its FlexSteel and Kustom vehicles, suspending the others.

The Italian brand has been hit with several recalls due to problems in some of its models, but this is the first time it has taken a step back and said it would suspend the models, including its FlexStrips.

The suspension problems are due to a new sensor in the FlexStrip, which allows for more precise positioning, according to the company.

The sensors are not connected to the vehicle’s internal sensors, and instead to an electronic signal sent to the front of the car.

The problem is particularly bad on the FlexSteel, which has an extremely low coefficient of drag, which causes the vehicle to lose grip.

A spokesperson for Haverty said it has “not yet found the cause of the problem” and is “currently analysing the data.”

Haverty’s suspension issues with the Flex Steel were first reported by TechRadar in January.

The company had previously said it had found the problem with the sensor and was “reviewing its products and systems.”

“In the meantime, the Flex Strips will be sold in a limited quantity,” the spokesperson added.

“The issue is not an engineering issue, but a manufacturing issue.”

Haighys FlexStitches, FlexSticks and FlexStirrers are currently being tested for compliance.