Ryan’s wife’s first big job? $100K for a new kitchen

Ryan’s first wife, Michelle, is moving into a new home in a new town.

But it’s a job Ryan has been saving for his wife, who will now be paid $100,000.

“I just got a new job that’s going to pay $100k a year for her to live in the new house,” Ryan told Axios.

Michelle is the first woman to take on the role of cooking for a husband.

“She’s the one who will be responsible for keeping the food cold, and keeping the dishes clean,” he said.

Michelle, a former New York City councilwoman and a former Obama campaign staffer, said she had been thinking about the role for a while.

“When I was in the office, I was thinking about this job,” she said.

“My husband’s the cook.

So this is a new challenge for me.”

She said she’s excited about the new job.

“It’s just a really exciting job,” Michelle said.

Ryan and Michelle had planned to have a child together soon.

The couple, who have two young daughters together, said their relationship is working well.

“There’s nothing wrong with me being single,” Michelle told Axio.

“But I’m so excited for my daughters to see what life has in store for them.”

Michelle said she would like to have more children, but she wants to be a mother.

“We have three beautiful girls, and we don’t want to make them single parents.

We want to be parents.

That’s what we’re all about.”

Ryan told the news outlet he thinks Michelle is very talented.

“Michelle has a great personality,” he told Axi.

“You just can’t help but be attracted to her, and it’s all the more exciting for me because she has a gift for cooking.”

Michelle’s new job is just the latest milestone for Michelle.

Her husband, Ryan, is a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

Michelle has worked as a legal analyst for Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Ryan is also a co-founder of The Carlyle Group, a venture capital firm that has invested in startups including Airbnb and Reddit.

The CarlyLEG group has raised $1 billion in funding.