How to get a glider to land safely on a runway

A glider can land on the runway, but only if it’s in a way that will keep it in place.

Here’s how to do that.

Gliders are a bit of a mystery.

Here are some tips on how to get them to land.


Use a harness glider.

This harness gliding harness has a small flap that you can grab on the back and pull it over the glider’s shoulder.

It’ll keep it down, and it also provides some safety to the gliders passengers.

The harness can be purchased at


Be cautious.

There are no specific safety rules when it comes to gliding.

However, you should keep the gliding experience as safe as possible.

Be sure you have a plan that will ensure that you will land safely.

For example, it’s a good idea to use a tether glider, or a glide vehicle that is attached to the harness gliders feet.

Also, don’t try to fly with your glider strapped down on the harness, or it could injure yourself.


Use an emergency exit.

The glider will probably land on a set of wires attached to an emergency exits or emergency landing strips.

You can use the emergency exit to get out of the way if something happens.

You could also just hang from the emergency escape to get away.


Try not to get too close.

The emergency exit is only good for a brief moment, and you shouldn’t get too far away.

If you do get too near, it could become a collision.

There’s also a way to get into the emergency exits.


Use emergency landing strip.

The only time you should ever land on an emergency landing runway is if you’re too close to a runway.

A gliding glider is not designed to land on these.

For that, you’d need to use an emergency runway landing strip, which is a set up with wires that can be used to help keep the aircraft safely in place on an area of the runway.


Be careful when gliding in the rain.

A rainstorm can also make it harder to keep your gliders gear in place, so make sure you’re using a rainproof glider canopy and have a way of getting away from a cloud.


Get help from your instructor.

If your instructor is good at gliding, he/she can help you land safely by getting you off the ground safely.

They might be able to show you how to glide by using your harness glides harness or other harness-like devices.


Use safety gear.

A good glider harness has safety harnesses that keep the harness in place while the glides gear is removed.

Safety harnesses are not cheap, so you should always buy a helmet with a face shield, and goggles, and other safety gear if you plan to fly gliders.


Take plenty of pictures.

You should always take pictures of your gliding activities, even if they’re not very picturesque.

That way, your instructor can see them and help you avoid injuries.


Keep an eye on the weather.

If the weather is too hot, it might be hard to get the glided gliders equipment in place or make sure the glide gear stays in place properly.


Don’t fly in the dark.

If it’s cloudy, don: Don’t glide on a dark floor.

Don´t fly on a cloudy day.

It can cause accidents, and make you look silly.


Don�t fly in high winds.

A strong wind can make it hard to glide safely.

Use caution, and be aware of your surroundings.

If a strong gust comes in, try to keep gliders flying at a safe altitude.


Be ready to change your harness.

If something happens while gliding or if the gliders gear becomes too loose, it can get stuck and the harness could be damaged.

Take extra precautions to make sure your glides equipment stays in the harness.