Former NBA star, now NBA player, is killed in plane crash

Former NBA superstar, now NFL player, was killed in a plane crash in Australia, according to Australian officials.

The former NBA star was travelling from Perth to Adelaide on a flight to Sydney when the plane went down, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said.

It is the second plane crash involving the former NBA player in two years, according the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The crash happened shortly after 9:30am local time (07:30 GMT) on Thursday, with a passenger from Sydney saying the plane had a mechanical problem and had crashed.

The AFP said no other passengers were on board the plane.

“We were on the ground, so we don’t know how many people were on it, we don’t know if they were all passengers,” Australian Transport Minister Scott Emerson told reporters.

“The aircraft was descending, so the only other people that were on that aircraft were the pilot and the co-pilot.”

Emerson said the plane was carrying eight passengers and had a capacity of about 90 passengers.

“It appears the pilot had been flying a lot and we don”t know why that happened, whether it was a mechanical issue, or whether it might have been a mechanical malfunction on the aircraft itself,” he said.ABC News correspondent Peter O’Meara tweeted: “The pilot has been flown to hospital after the plane crashed in Australia.”

Emporium Airlines, the company that runs the flight, confirmed to ABC News that it had lost contact with the plane shortly before the crash.

“A passenger on a domestic flight to Adelaide was reported to have lost contact early this morning with the flight and had not been heard from,” the company said in a statement.

“Emergency services were dispatched, and a full investigation was commenced.

There is no information to suggest that any other passengers or crew were onboard.”ABC News’ Mark McVeigh contributed to this report