Heated recliner for living room comes with ‘lots of room’

A new, heated recliner will soon be available for the living room of your choice.

A new model will be available to owners of the $1,400 Heated Chair from a manufacturer called Heated Co. HeatedCo.

says the new product is designed to meet the needs of modern living rooms and is an improvement over the old model that was popular with consumers.

“This new model is built to be lighter, more comfortable and better at absorbing heat, thanks to a heat absorbing design that uses thermal insulating foam instead of traditional thermal fabric,” the company wrote in an emailed statement.

Heated Co., a Toronto-based company, says its Heated Couch comes with two different models that are suitable for different living rooms.

One is a new, lighter, heat-absorbing version of the original, but it is smaller and is also lighter.

The other is a heavier model, with a large base and two more heat absorbing foam pads.

Both models have built-in lights, a ventilated back, a built-out backrest and a retractable arm that can be locked into the chair.

The Heated couch, which comes with a backrest, comes in two sizes: 1.75-foot and 2.25-foot.

The 1.25 feet is the smallest, and the 2.5 feet is bigger.

“Our design is designed for optimal comfort for those with larger beds,” the Heated Company’s marketing material states.

“It also provides ample space for the recliner and two standard-sized seats in the chair.”

There is no price yet for the new Heated Heated chair, which is available now for pre-order.