New ‘Bachelor’ cast members reveal they’re dating: ‘This isn’t the first time’

The Bachelor’s cast members were sharing a photo of their first kiss and they shared a few other surprises as well.

While the newly minted Bachelor in Paradise contestant shared that she’s dating the first guy she met on the show, her fiancé is also a Bachelor contestant.

“This isn’s not the first or last time you’ve seen my fiancé on Bachelor in the Woods,” the newly-minted Bachelor’s casting member shared to Instagram.

“He’s on the first season.

We have a really good chemistry, and he’s a great guy.

He’s a true friend and he will always support me.

He loves me and is a true Bachelor in a world full of Bachelor in Parks.”

In addition to sharing the photo, the Bachelor’s new cast member shared a message about the show.

“Bachelor in Paradise is the biggest, most popular show on television, and we are all fans,” she wrote.

“And so we want you to know that you’re going to love watching it and being a part of it.

We are very excited for you to be a part.”