How to watch your favorite TV shows and movies without scrolling on Android, Apple TV or Apple TVOS.

Apple has officially added a new way to watch TV shows, movies and video games on iOS devices: You can recline them.

In a statement, Apple announced that the iOS device’s Home button will now open up to reveal a full-screen menu with a “menu” icon.

Instead of sliding across the top, the Home button is now fully swiped to the right.

That allows users to scroll the home screen and use apps, such as Apple TV, with one hand.

The move also means the Apple TV’s video library now opens up to the left.

This could be a major win for developers, who are hoping the device’s redesigned home button can open up the entire video library to the user’s left hand, a move that has previously been limited to iOS devices.

But, while the move will definitely make the Apple Home button easier to reach, there’s still no way to fully control where the Home screen opens up.

You’ll have to navigate back to the Home page by swiping right, which makes the change more confusing.

And, of course, you can’t fully control the content available on the screen.

Apple’s Home app currently lets you browse, control, pause, and change the video playback speed on the Home menu.

It also allows users the option to set a specific content mode for each device, which can be handy when you’re using the device to watch content in the background.

If you’re a dedicated TV viewer, you may prefer to have a full home screen, where you can control your entire entertainment setup, rather than having a small selection of apps and content on the left, which is where most people spend most of their time.