Melbourne’s new recliner lounge bar offers a relaxing escape for office workers

Updated April 08, 2018 08:19:24 Melbourne’s newest lounge bar, barcalouker recliners, is coming to town.

Barcalou nger lounge, which opened its doors on Friday, will be the first of its kind in Melbourne.

It will feature two recliners and a lounge chair, as well as a bar area.

The lounge bar is the first to be opened in the capital.

It comes after the opening of Melbourne’s second lounge bar.

The new lounge bar was created by a group of friends and business owners from the local community.

They said they wanted a place where people could relax and have a good time while also sharing their passions with others.

It’s a concept they have been working on for some time and the idea has been to create something that would give them a good night’s sleep.

The first lounge bar opened in Melbourne in September 2015 and the group said they were keen to start another one soon.

The group are a group from the area who have been going to cafes for a few years.

“It’s about finding a place to meet people and connect with people, but also have a place you can go to have a drink and relax and be with people who you don’t know, who you can actually connect with,” said Ms Lola de Pinto.

“The lounge bar has become very popular and the community is very excited about it.”

Barcaloukers will be offered at the new lounge, as are a few other new bars.

The Barcaloupres lounge bar will be located on Melbourne’s west side at The Barbell.

It is located on The Barstool, next to The Docks Bar and Grill, which is currently on the ground floor.

There are two lounges on the second floor and the bar is located at the back of the building.

A total of two lounge bars will open in Melbourne over the next few months, including a barcaloupre lounge bar in Melbourne’s north, and the Barcalauqres lounge at the Melbourne International Airport.