Israel’s Loveseat’s recliner costing $7 million

Israel’s Leviena bedding brand Loveseats is planning to launch a $7-million refurbishment of its recliner range at its new Covid-19-era Covid factory in Israel.

The recliner, which was developed in collaboration with Covid and is marketed in Israel and abroad, will feature new fabric and materials to make it more durable.

“Leviena believes it is in the best interest of its customers to invest in the production of new products in order to make Covid’s production lines more productive and sustainable,” the company said in a statement.

The new recliner will be offered at both its domestic and international outlets.

The company has not yet revealed pricing for the new model.

Levienas current model, which is the most expensive recliner currently on the market, has a maximum seat width of 40 inches (104 cm).

The brand has previously said it was aiming to build a recliner for the masses.