Why Black and Decker were so keen on ‘The Clerks’ reopening

When The Clerk reopens in October, the movie will mark the second time the beloved cult favorite franchise has been given a reboot.

The film, which starred Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Michael Douglas, was released in 1981 and re-imagined in 1992 as a comedy.

In the new reboot, Cruise stars as Andy Warhol, who runs his furniture store in the film’s third act, while Douglas plays Andy’s wife, Mary Ann.

And when The Clers return in 2019, the film will have a different cast: Cruise, Travo, and Douglas are the only ones.

However, the original cast members aren’t the only celebrities to return for the reboot, as there will also be a cast of new members.

Here are the actors who will be making their first big-screen appearance in the reboot. 

The Clers: Tom Cruise (John Traviolo) and Tom Cruise Jr. (Michael Douglas) will be returning to play Andy Warhhol and Mary Ann, respectively. 

Michael Douglas (Tom Cruise) will play Andy’s son Michael, who will become Andy’s heir. 

Tom Cruise (Michael Dorn) will return to play himself. 

John Tascolini (Richard Harris) will portray Andy’s assistant, Pete. 

Bette Midler (Jennifer Garner) will appear as a co-worker who becomes a Clerker. 

Cameron Diaz (Laura Linney) will reprise her role as the manager of Andy’s store. 

Andy Warhol (Tom Hanks) will become the Clerking’s assistant and a member of Andy and Maryann’s staff. 

Sally Field (Gloria Vergara) will also return as a Clericess, the clerk who takes over Andy’s office after the Clers leave. 

Amy Poehler (Amy Poehling) will have the role of Mary Ann’s daughter. 

Hank Azaria (Jack Nicholson) will make a return as Andy’s friend and manager. 

Alfred Molina (Hugh Laurie) will voice the Cleric’s son. 

Joan Crawford (Kate McKinnon) will join Tom as his wife. 

Andrea Barber (Jennifer Connelly) will co-star as Andy and Andy’s sister. 

Claudia Kim (Jennifer Lopez) will guest star as Andy. 

Meredith Carpenter (Laura Dern) will direct. 

Robert Carlock (Michael B. Jordan) will star as Pete.

 John Tresciuto (Hank Williams) will write the screenplay. 

Ryan Phillippe (Tom Gjelten) will produce. 

Bradley Whitford (Harrison Ford) will executive produce.

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