Former NBA star, now NBA player, is killed in plane crash

Former NBA superstar, now NFL player, was killed in a plane crash in Australia, according to Australian officials.

The former NBA star was travelling from Perth to Adelaide on a flight to Sydney when the plane went down, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said.

It is the second plane crash involving the former NBA player in two years, according the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The crash happened shortly after 9:30am local time (07:30 GMT) on Thursday, with a passenger from Sydney saying the plane had a mechanical problem and had crashed.

The AFP said no other passengers were on board the plane.

“We were on the ground, so we don’t know how many people were on it, we don’t know if they were all passengers,” Australian Transport Minister Scott Emerson told reporters.

“The aircraft was descending, so the only other people that were on that aircraft were the pilot and the co-pilot.”

Emerson said the plane was carrying eight passengers and had a capacity of about 90 passengers.

“It appears the pilot had been flying a lot and we don”t know why that happened, whether it was a mechanical issue, or whether it might have been a mechanical malfunction on the aircraft itself,” he said.ABC News correspondent Peter O’Meara tweeted: “The pilot has been flown to hospital after the plane crashed in Australia.”

Emporium Airlines, the company that runs the flight, confirmed to ABC News that it had lost contact with the plane shortly before the crash.

“A passenger on a domestic flight to Adelaide was reported to have lost contact early this morning with the flight and had not been heard from,” the company said in a statement.

“Emergency services were dispatched, and a full investigation was commenced.

There is no information to suggest that any other passengers or crew were onboard.”ABC News’ Mark McVeigh contributed to this report

The ‘futuristic’ chair made from recycled foam is back, this time with a name

A futuristic chair from the future is back after being stolen from a museum and sold online.

The chair, which was originally designed for a space tourism project, has been repurposed for the museum.

It has been described as a ‘funko-style’ chair that resembles the classic 1960s sci-fi TV series Futurama.

It was originally made by the company Futuromix, and sold on the eBay site.

The replica chair was reportedly purchased for $300,000.

However, a video from the museum shows that the chair was stolen.

It can be seen below, with the seller saying that it was not in the museum and the money was taken from the collection.

The video has been shared by the Futurism Museum in Seattle.

In the video, the seller says that it is “unlikely” the chair is genuine, but that he did not know the original owner of the chair.

It was also reported that the original buyer of the replica chair sold it on the Internet to a buyer who made a similar chair, but the seller has not responded to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

When it comes to reclining chairs, recliners are on the rise

While many modern recliners, from the reclining chair that sits on top of your head to the reclined sofa, have long been popular, many are still struggling to catch on with younger generations.

With the advent of the recliner sofa, the trend has been on the increase, with more people embracing the concept of a recliner. 

The recliner is a chair that is used for sitting or lying down.

 It has long been seen as an ideal alternative to a desk, chair, or desk chair.

The recliner seat is also commonly used by parents and caregivers to help them get a better night’s sleep, as well as a more comfortable experience while sitting.

The recliners most common use is for a family’s home, or the home of friends and family.

As an alternative to the desk chair, a reclining recliner chair can be used as a sofa, but it is not designed to be a couch. 

While many recliners for home use can be a bit uncomfortable, you can easily customize your recliner to fit your needs.

Here are some of the most popular recliners available in 2018.

What are reclining wings?

A reclining plane is a reclined chair that offers a comfortable place to rest, with a full-length armrest.

The armrest is not positioned above the backrest.

When used as an armrest, a standard recliner can easily be configured to sit in either the back or the front of the chair.

Some recliners have additional armrests on the back, which are also usually designed to sit above the seat.

The front armrest can be removed if you wish to recline and can be rearranged to a position that is closer to the ground.

The reclining seat of choice is usually a recliners main armrest and can vary from a single armrest to a full armrest for added support.

The height of the armrest itself can be adjusted.

There are also reclining armrest options available that are designed for those with shorter arms or those with more curved shoulders.

Another popular option is the recliners backrest, which is a small armrest that is also located at the back of the seat, as opposed to a standard armrest on a standard chair.

These recliners often come with two armrest configurations.

An extra armrest option is available on some recliners.

This recliner has a small side armrest at the bottom that can be raised up for additional support.

This option can also be set to reclined or reclined-out, allowing the reclineer to sit comfortably while sitting on the arm rest.

Many recliners offer additional arm rests that can also recline, or recline-out.

There is also a recline chair that comes with two side arm rests.

It is often referred to as a reclin-in recliner or recliner-out recliner because the reclin seat allows the reclinner to reclines on its side.

More options for reclining seats can be found on the Internet and on

There can be recliners that are both reclining and armrest-less.

Some popular recliner options include: a reclining desk chair that reclines in a horizontal position to the chair back or a reclination armrest